One Last Christmas Post: the Christmas Diorama

In December I helped my friend, photographer Kristen Mallory, make this awesome diorama to use as the backdrop for her annual Christmas card.  I couldn't share it until now because it would have blown the surprise!  (ok, technically I could have posted it anytime after Christmas but I was procrastinating busy.)  It came out so cute.  I was thrilled when I saw the finished product in my mailbox!

Above is a picture of the card in the diorama.  Pretty advanced stuff, I know.

To make it we covered a box (stolen from my cats) with pictures we cut from magazines.  Blues for the sky, some glaciers for the backdrop, greenery in front and one cup of coffee as a mountain in the front. 

Then we filled it with gnomes, forrest creatures, a peppermint disc tree (made by Kristen), mini twinkle lights & some moss and Kristen took pictures of it.  (It's amazing what a good photographer can do.)  


Ok, that was my last Christmas post of the season.  Honest.  No more.  Scouts honor.  I'm done.

xoxo, ~mandee rae